Lush Production


Systems thinking for a more productive future.

Fields of Practice

  • Productivity Improvement

    Productivity Improvement is very straight forward—it is about making people and processes more profitable by increasing productivity. This is achieved by integrating goals, skills, and tools into an elegant system that is tuned the values of the organization. Incorporate values-driven design, social impact, and The 6 Primary Skills into your practice. Wrangle your technology to work for you instead of you working for it. Be well while doing good.

  • Integrated Development

    Integrated development approaches community development, real estate development, and economic development as one system. Systems thinking is applied at the neighborhood level to simultaneously promote people, place, profit, and purpose.

  • Collaborative Workspace

    Our increasingly networked society demands that we create functional environments for working together. Learn best practices for how to set up and manage Collaborative Workspace, including financial modeling.


  • Co-Production

    Duration: 3 to 12 months

    Co-Productions are projects that focus on organizational improvement by integrating one or more Fields of Practice. The How, Why, and What of the organization are aligned to increase effectiveness.

  • Workshop

    Duration: 3 to 8 hours

    Workshops are facilitated sessions that provide a foundational understanding of a Field of Practice. Participants leave with an understanding of the basics and next steps for applying those basics to their own work.

  • Speaking

    Duration: 30 to 120 minutes

    Speaking engagements introduce a Field of Practice and instigate conversation. Ideal fare for a brown bag lunch.

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These lenses are the guiding framework for all actions taken by Lush Production.

  • Well-being:  prioritization of a positive human condition.
  • Effectiveness:  production of the right work at the right time with high quality.
  • Systems:  integration into the larger context.
  • Authenticity:  cultivation of transparency, integrity, and cultural representation.
  • Practice:  commitment to a disciplined approach on a daily basis.

Tim Syth

Tim Syth is a project-based worker focused on systems change in the Information Age. He works as a business and community development consultant under the Lush Production moniker.

Using Systems Thinking, Tim engages in discovery, development, and facilitation processes to support organizations and workers as they adapt to the shifting nature of our technological society. He believes there exists a golden opportunity to reimagine the role of work in society and community and economic development practices for the better.

Tim’s core interests are collaborative systems and methods that improve organizational operation, heighten worker productivity and wellness, and expand community and economic development. He has three of years experience running a collaborative space in Milwaukee, WI, has worked on both local and national level grants, and currently works with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as a consultant.

Prior to Tim relocating to Milwaukee, he lived and worked as a photographer in Berlin, Germany, while completing his Master’s degree in the the field of Media & Communications. Tim studied Art Photography at the University Wisconsin-Eau Claire, has lived abroad extensively, grew up the rural farming community of Greenwood, WI, and is handy with a chainsaw.

An integrated work-life and Nora (his companion) are key to his production and well-being.


Phone: 414.301.1414
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